“Man and His World” Then and Now

Lester B. Pearson once said, “Expo 67 offers the most striking proof ...that the future well-being of the whole world ... depends on achieving the unity of peace within the vast diversity of national policies.”1 The theme of Expo 67, “Man and his World”, was inspired by a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that celebrates friendship, mutual assistance, and humanistic values. The Expo 67 guidebook described the exhibition as an exploration of man’s knowledge to improve his destiny and to search for a way to live in peace and harmony with others. Although the name “Man and His World” may be outdated, the vision is still relevant today. First, Expo 67 gave Canada the opportunity to display its capability for technological innovation and social change, this show of independence unified Canada and strengthened its identity. Second, the theme of international collaboration made Canadians see the value of multiculturalism. Third, Expo’s vision of a modern world without violence paved a path for a more peaceful and united world.

“Man and His World” Then and Now

Keiran Pace

Grade 10

Ursula Franklin Academy
Toronto, Ontario

I chose this topic as it allowed me to explore the implications that Expo 67 had in Canada and the world.

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