A War of Wavering Freedoms

Celine Edwards

Falkland, British Columbia

‘In improved and regressive facets, WWII profoundly affected Canada’s attitude towards humanity’s inalienable rights.’

All My Relations

Jessica Frappier

Lively, Ontario

‘the government of today [must] honour the agreements made by governments of the past [and] make retribution for wrong doings’

Amor De Cosmos and Confederation

Adrian Molenkamp

Surrey, British Columbia

‘Amor De Cosmos rightfully deserves the title of BC’s “Father of Confederation”.’

An Emerging Nation

Vaishnavi Kotha

Mississauga, Ontario

‘The nationalistic prospects which replaced imperialistic views were shaped from the military feats and successes during the war’

Battle of Vimy Ridge: Birth of a Canadian Nation

Danielle Major

St.Brieux, Saskatchewan

‘the Battle of Vimy Ridge verified the prominence of Canada on the international stage.’

Birth in Gunfire: Vimy and the Birth of Canada

Sam Routley

Newmarket, Ontario

‘The post World War One world saw the beginning of organization of Canadian nationalism.’

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