«Ils ont été obligés d’admettre…»

Mélina Ouellet

Sainte-Victoire-de-Sorel, Quebec

Les droits des femmes est un sujet qui me touche, surtout lorsqu'on voit comment sont traitées les femmes ailleurs au monde.

À chaque époque ses héros

Alyson Charles

Montréal, Quebec

J’ai choisi cette question parce que Riel et Macdonald sont deux personnages ayant contribué à la naissance de la Confédération canadienne.

A Few Good Men?

Kennedy Aragon-Scriven

Victoria, British Columbia

I am fascinated by Louis Riel, and was interested to do research and learn more about his relations with Macdonald.

A Founder of Manitoba vs A Father of Confederation

Madeline Eskandari

Toronto, Ontario

I chose to write about Macdonald and Riel because what I learned about Riel's beliefs stuck with me - he did not deserve to be executed.

A Mutually Catalytic Canadian relationship

Matthew DeSousa

West Saint paul, Manitoba

As a Canadian, I am compelled to understand the history of the country in which I live. It instills within me an immeasurable respect.

A New Flag for a Diverse Canada

Caleb Haberstock

Vernon, British Columbia

My favorite time in Canadian history is 1914 to 1970. I enjoy learning about the role Canadian soldiers played and how wars shaped Canada.

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