A Century of Sunny Ways

Rebecca Hicks

Edmonton, Alberta

I have long been fascinated by early 20th century Canada and this essay was the perfect opportunity to learn even more about this topic.

A Divided Century

Aleksa Gold

Toronto, Ontario

I love learning about the wars, specifically World War II, as my grandfather fought in this war.

A Fight for Recognition

Andrew Clark-Alfaro

Ottawa, Ontario


A Fight to Remember

Nicole Pate

Winnipeg, Manitoba

My favourite part of Canadian History is remembering and studying past events in order to influence the present and future in a positive way

A More Egalitarian Society: Securing Women’s Vote

Silvia Yip

Vancouver, British Columbia

I chose this question because 2016 marks the one hundredth anniversary of enfranchisement for women in the prairies — a notable milestone.

A Pivotal Achievement in a Long­-Running Struggle

Lily de Loë

Guelph, Ontario

I enjoy reading 19th and 20th century literature; I always find the societal differences between present day and those eras to be striking.

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