An Immigrant's Identity in a Multicultural Country

Bernice Leung

Toronto, Ontario

I chose this question because this is my first year residing in Canada and I am curious about my new identity.

Annie's Aftermath

Julianna Levesque

Brossard, Quebec

I chose this question because I've always been interested in human rights.

Canada's Acceptance of Vietnamese "Boat People"

Julie Van

Winnipeg, Manitoba

This contest was a great opportunity for me to share my background with people while teaching them something about their country's past.

Canada's Little Mosque on the Prairie

Adam Glustein

Toronto, Ontario

The preservation of Canada’s historic sites is important, as it offers Canadians places to learn about our country’s development.

Canadian Human Rights Act

Clayton Thornburrow

London, Ontario

I chose this question because I was able to incorporate my own ideas and get creative.

Canadian Identity and Its Effects on Me

Niv Lopez

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I chose this question because I want to explore my Canadian Identity and to value everything that happened in the past.

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