Canadiens et Algonquins réconciliés

Reem Al-Ameri

Ottawa, Ontario

J'ai choisi ce sujet, car la question des Premières Nations me parait un sujet essentiel et fondamental pour le Canada.

Chapeau aux femmes « francos »

Pascale Couturier-Rose

Ottawa, Ontario

Depuis un jeune âge, j’ai une passion pour l’histoire.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms Shaping My Identity

Shae Newman-Macksey

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I felt I had a strong personal connection to this topic, and could really tie in my own experiences as a Canadian.

Chinese Canadian Identity

Emily Hu

Toronto, Ontario

I chose this question because it enabled me to find personal connections with past.

Craigellachie: November 7, 1885

Duncan Bain

Vancouver, British Columbia

The railway is important in my mind because without it the country may have been shaped very differently.

Dear Maurice

Alice Yang

Vancouver, British Columbia

I chose this project so that I can understand and learn more about how we came to be the nation that we are today.

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