28 Years Later: How My Identity Has Been Shaped

Bethany Snaterse

Edmonton, Alberta

I chose this question because I wanted the opportunity to share how my identity has been shaped as a Canadian, female student.

A Letter To Megis

Naira Bahrami

Calgary, Alberta

Historical Fiction: A Letter to Megis

A Woman's Fight and a Girl's Search for Identity

Fatima Mir Baloch

Calgary, Alberta

This question gave me the opportunity to explore moments of Canadian History that would resonate to me as a young visible-minority.

Je suis alsoomse

Mireille Belzile

Peace River, Alberta

J'ai choisi cette question parce que je trouve les réconciliations des autochtones intéressantes.

Little Footprints in the Snow

Mariam Mahboob

Calgary, Alberta

I chose this question because I believe that it’s essential to work together with Indigenous people to create a better Canada.

Shaping the Identity of Women

Mitali Pradhan

Calgary, Alberta

I chose this question because I'm fascinated by the extent to which society has changed for a Canadian woman.

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