A Path to Building Canadian Identity

Shubhneet Thind

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canadian Identity is a topic that is very close to my heart as I am an immigrant to Canada myself.

Canada's Acceptance of Vietnamese "Boat People"

Julie Van

Winnipeg, Manitoba

This contest was a great opportunity for me to share my background with people while teaching them something about their country's past.

Canadian Identity and Its Effects on Me

Niv Lopez

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I chose this question because I want to explore my Canadian Identity and to value everything that happened in the past.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms Shaping My Identity

Shae Newman-Macksey

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I felt I had a strong personal connection to this topic, and could really tie in my own experiences as a Canadian.

Expo 67: A Dream of Modernism

Alison Wong

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Expo 67 was Canada’s monumental centennial birthday celebration, launching Canada into the eyes of the international public.

Expo 67: The Evolution of a Vision for the Future

Katie Delay

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I was interested in the socio-political implications of Expo because of its lasting effects on the national identity of Canada.

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