“Man and His World” Then and Now

Keiran Pace

Toronto, Ontario

I chose this topic as it allowed me to explore the implications that Expo 67 had in Canada and the world.

A Dark Future Seen through Rose-Coloured Glasses

Ahmed Abbas

Mississauga, Ontario

I took the question as an opportunity to learn about one of the most seminal events in Canada history.

A Dream Carried Forward

Helen Wong

Markham, Ontario

I love learning about how Canada evolved to include more diverse communities.

Even Good Days Have Bad Ones

Ainsley Ault

Thamesford, Ontario

I am an ally for the LGBT community myself. Being a Canadian is so amazing and being an ally is also amazing too.

Expo 67

Cole Demski-Jones

Victoria , British Columbia

I chose this question because growing up, I always heard about the amazing and positive effect Expo 67 had on Canada.

Expo 67 : An Accurate Depiction of our Society?

Amir Al-Bayati

London, Ontario

I chose Expo 67 as my topic because it would be an opportunity for me to learn more about Canada's history and teach others on the way too.

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