À vous, maintenant...

Émilie Gosselin

Victoria, British Columbia

Ce concours me permet de partager une brève partie des Premières Nations de ma ville au Canada.

Annie's Aftermath

Julianna Levesque

Brossard, Quebec

I chose this question because I've always been interested in human rights.

Canadiens et Algonquins réconciliés

Reem Al-Ameri

Ottawa, Ontario

J'ai choisi ce sujet, car la question des Premières Nations me parait un sujet essentiel et fondamental pour le Canada.

Establish and Maintain a Respectful Relationship

Yan Qu

Vancouver, British Columbia

This essay will focus on discussing how to take the first step towards reconciliation--being aware.

How to Reconcile

Joshua Li

Vancouver, British Columbia

I hope these changes can help the public understand the history of the Indigenous Peoples who lived on this land prior to colonization.

Indigenous Lands in the Spirit of Reconciliation

Lander Vitug

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Only when we look to the past can we move forward to a better future.

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