Canadian Currency Challenge

This project is designed to encourage students to think about the construction of Canadian identity through the analysis of an object relevant and familiar to their everyday lives – currency. During this project, students will be asked to complete four phases: comparison, discussion, synthesis, and presentation/class vote.

This project is intended to be used as an introduction to Canadian History as it enables the teacher to evaluate students’ current understanding of both Canadian History and culture. Given the wide variety of historical events represented on Canadian currency, it also allows the teacher to introduce a broad array of themes and ideas to gauge student interest. This lesson and project will act as a touchstone for future units. Finally, it allows students to familiarize themselves with the Historical Thinking Concepts by organically integrating them into the class discussions. Alternatively, it could be used as a conclusion to the course to assess which key elements of history were retained and deemed significant by students.
Canadian Currency Challenge

Laura Cole


Middleton, Nova Scotia

Students employ Historical Thinking, research, and technology to investigate the Essential Question: Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?

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