Aboriginal Heroes - Influencing our Youth

Holly Berner

Meaford, Ontario

‘An exploration of Aboriginal heroes and their influence on our nation's identity and the identity of our youth.’

Analyse de documents de la seconde guerre mondiale

Geneviève Goulet

Lachine, Quebec

Je désire que mes élèves découvrent les traces du passé de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, plus particulièrement les documents iconographiques.

Broken Thinking Report

Brad Armishaw

Nepean, Ontario

We try to see the atrocities of the early 20th century as the result of ideas, not simply as the result of individuals.

Building Bridges

Reena Dhillon and Nora Apelt

Abbotsford, British Columbia

‘[This project is a] look at the relationship between Canada's First Nations and the Federal Government from 1700 to present.’

Canada’s Great War

Ashley Henrickson

Lethbridge, Alberta

Canada’s Great War: Engaging Learners through a Child’s Perspective

Canada's Prime Ministers: Show Me the Money

Sabha Ghani

Burnaby, British Columbia

In this project, students analyze the prime ministers on our currency and pick a new one to go on a new $500 bill.

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