Canadian Currency Challenge

Laura Cole

Middleton, Nova Scotia

Students employ Historical Thinking, research, and technology to investigate the Essential Question: Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?

Canadians POWs and the Battle of Hong Kong

Graeme Stacey

Kelowna, British Columbia

I created this project for students to make personal connections as I am continually moved and inspired by Canadian Hong Kong Veterans.

Centre Block Redux

Bronwen Davies

Winnipeg, Manitoba

This project involves the creative task of redesigning of Centre Block to better incorporate Canadian symbols.

Confederation Unit

Suzanne Uher

Surrey, British Columbia

‘A dynamic blended unit that included pre-loading of information, group in class research, and an engaging Confederation Debate’

Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?

Janet Ruest

Chemainus, British Columbia

Students investigate the Essential Question (Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?) and then prepare a digital report.

Diversity in Adversity

Letitia Johnson

Edmonton, Alberta

Health care provisions for Japanese Canadians, or, the Nikkei, was as varied as the diverse communities in which they were lived.

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