From Headlines to Picket Lines

Luis Filipe

Toronto, Ontario

Assessing the validity of historical sources as evidence of past events to help us build a richer understanding of the past.

From the Famine to the Fenians

Dan Conner

Vancouver, British Columbia

This project investigates the relationship between the French and Irish Catholic communities of Montreal.

HerStory - Stories of Women at War

Rita Gravina & Cathrine Pfaff

Toronto, Ontario

‘Encouraging young women to explore the stories of the many women (mostly unsung) who served their countries in time of war.’

Historical Dilemma: Who was the Greatest Canadian

Janet Ruest

Chemainus, British Columbia

Students will research Canadian Prime Ministers and using historical thinking concepts, determine who was the greatest of the 20th Century

Historical Thinking: Nanaimo Then and Now

Nicole Currie and Kaja Miernik

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Before students learn about BC, Canada and the world at large, they need to establish an understanding of their home and their community.

Imperialism and Aboriginal Identity

Jillian Cornock, Ryan Holly, Dayna Hart

Kelowna, British Columbia

Students examine the impact of imperialism on Aboriginal identity through a series of station activities and reflections.

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