A Call to Arms

Adrian French

Victoria, British Columbia

‘[It] looks to maximize the potential for students to build historical empathy toward the men and women who went to war during [WWI]’

A Picture's Worth

Adrian French

Victoria, British Columbia

This project develops historical inquiry skills while building a greater awareness of Canada's Second World War experience through images.

Building Bridges

Reena Dhillon and Nora Apelt

Abbotsford, British Columbia

‘[This project is a] look at the relationship between Canada's First Nations and the Federal Government from 1700 to present.’

Canada's Prime Ministers: Show Me the Money

Sabha Ghani

Burnaby, British Columbia

In this project, students analyze the prime ministers on our currency and pick a new one to go on a new $500 bill.

Canadians POWs and the Battle of Hong Kong

Graeme Stacey

Kelowna, British Columbia

I created this project for students to make personal connections as I am continually moved and inspired by Canadian Hong Kong Veterans.

Confederation Unit

Suzanne Uher

Surrey, British Columbia

‘A dynamic blended unit that included pre-loading of information, group in class research, and an engaging Confederation Debate’

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