"Indian maidens are on the warpath"

Sara Karn

Waterloo, Ontario

"Indian maidens are on the warpath": Representations of Indigenous Women in English Canadian Public Discourse During the Second World War

“‘The Queen of Curds and Cream!’”

Valeria Mantilla Morales

Toronto, Ontario

Home cooking, tradition, and invention in south-western Ontario

A Soldier Mystery

Ryan McManaman & Dave Alexander

Owen Sound, Ontario

‘[T]he soldier or nurse the student is researching directs them through primary source evidence.’

Aboriginal Heroes - Influencing our Youth

Holly Berner

Meaford, Ontario

‘An exploration of Aboriginal heroes and their influence on our nation's identity and the identity of our youth.’

Broken Thinking Report

Brad Armishaw

Nepean, Ontario

We try to see the atrocities of the early 20th century as the result of ideas, not simply as the result of individuals.

Durham Memorial Project

Flora Fung

Oshawa, Ontario

‘Students then shared their knowledge with each other in the form of a “Soldier Share” and by presenting their research on a display board.’

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