A Call to Arms

Adrian French

Victoria, British Columbia

‘[It] looks to maximize the potential for students to build historical empathy toward the men and women who went to war during [WWI]’

A Soldier Mystery

Ryan McManaman & Dave Alexander

Owen Sound, Ontario

‘[T]he soldier or nurse the student is researching directs them through primary source evidence.’

Aboriginal Heroes - Influencing our Youth

Holly Berner

Meaford, Ontario

‘An exploration of Aboriginal heroes and their influence on our nation's identity and the identity of our youth.’

Building Bridges

Reena Dhillon and Nora Apelt

Abbotsford, British Columbia

‘[This project is a] look at the relationship between Canada's First Nations and the Federal Government from 1700 to present.’

Confederation Unit

Suzanne Uher

Surrey, British Columbia

‘A dynamic blended unit that included pre-loading of information, group in class research, and an engaging Confederation Debate’

Domagaya's Dilemma

Dan Conner

West Vancouver, British Columbia

‘To investigate the historical significance and ethical dimension of contact, students take a Stadaconan perspective.’

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