Canadian Currency Challenge

Laura Cole

Middleton, Nova Scotia

Students employ Historical Thinking, research, and technology to investigate the Essential Question: Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?

Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?

Janet Ruest

Chemainus, British Columbia

Students investigate the Essential Question (Did the 20th Century Belong to Canada?) and then prepare a digital report.

Educating the Public on Aboriginal History

Peter Katsionis

Burnaby, British Columbia

Students will analyze and reflect on Aboriginal law in Canada through a variety of media and methods.

Final Project: The Battle of Monte Cassino

Patrick Hrycak

Owen Sound, Ontario

Let's apply historical thinking to the Battle of Monte Cassino.

From Headlines to Picket Lines

Luis Filipe

Toronto, Ontario

Assessing the validity of historical sources as evidence of past events to help us build a richer understanding of the past.

From the Famine to the Fenians

Dan Conner

Vancouver, British Columbia

This project investigates the relationship between the French and Irish Catholic communities of Montreal.

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