Imperialism and Aboriginal Identity

Jillian Cornock, Ryan Holly, Dayna Hart

Kelowna, British Columbia

Students examine the impact of imperialism on Aboriginal identity through a series of station activities and reflections.

Introduction to Canadian Residential Schools

Jarrod Fuhr

Calgary, Alberta

Challenging students to reconcile contradictory historical narratives through research.

Reconciliation Project

Suzanne Williamson

Lacombe, Alberta

Students explore Aboriginal history and Indian Residential Schools.

Spirit of '56: Evaluating Canada's Peacekeeping

Carrie Ann Taylor, Ted Meldrum, Adrian French

Victoria, British Columbia

Spirit of '56 enables students to explore Canada's role as a global intermediary in the 20th century and assess our 'success' in this role.

Surviving Residential School

Lindsay Fichter

Edmonton, Alberta

Students explore and understand how residential schools were a negative consequence of Canadian imperialism and ethnocentrism.

Writing a Better Textbook

Stefan Stipp

Surrey, British Columbia

Applying a variety of skills students re-write a section of their textbook about Aboriginal Peoples.

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