"Indian maidens are on the warpath"

Sara Karn

Waterloo, Ontario

"Indian maidens are on the warpath": Representations of Indigenous Women in English Canadian Public Discourse During the Second World War

“‘The Queen of Curds and Cream!’”

Valeria Mantilla Morales

Toronto, Ontario

Home cooking, tradition, and invention in south-western Ontario

“We Must Do Our Part to Help Bring Him Home”

Danica Renke

Lethbridge, Alberta

“We Must Do Our Part to Help Bring Him Home”: Canadian Women and Enlistment Motivations During the Second World War

Canada’s Great War

Ashley Henrickson

Lethbridge, Alberta

Canada’s Great War: Engaging Learners through a Child’s Perspective

Diversity in Adversity

Letitia Johnson

Edmonton, Alberta

Health care provisions for Japanese Canadians, or, the Nikkei, was as varied as the diverse communities in which they were lived.

Dominion of Canada in Irish Political Discourse

Gabrielle Machnik-Kekesi

Montreal, Quebec

The story of Canada provided a framework for Irish politicians to articulate concerns about Ireland’s prospective political status.

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