Historical Thinking: Nanaimo Then and Now

Nicole Currie and Kaja Miernik

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Before students learn about BC, Canada and the world at large, they need to establish an understanding of their home and their community.

L’histoire des autochtones

Caroline Desruisseaux

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Replacer les populations autochtones au centre de l'histoire : une courte réflexion.

Le Règlement 17, une histoire au pluriel

Geneviève Richer et Vincent Bergeron

Ottawa, Ontario

Le Règlement 17 limitait l’usage du français comme langue d’enseignement et de communication aux deux premières années du primaire.

Present Communities – Refugees

Kylie Burchat

Waterloo, Ontario

This lesson is a good introduction to students about who refugees are and the issues they face when coming into the country.

Pursuing Educational Equality in Northern Ontario

Jackson Pind

Kingston, Ontario

To achieve the vision of a Just Society, educators in Ontario would pursue polices of equality, multiculturalism and Indigenity.

Sharing our Past

Catherine Paulin

Montréal, Quebec

Learning about Canadian Urbanisation Through the Lens of Human-Horse Relations

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