The Big Six in a Nut Shell

Diana Pawson

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Focusing on historical thinking to demonstrate a significant event or person in Canada's rich History.

The Tatters We Wear

Rebeccah Kennedy

Toronto, Ontario

Students learn about the disappearance of the buffalo, disease and land loss and it's affect on Indigenous peoples.

The Voice of Women’s Liberation

Amy McBride

Guelph, Ontario

I present a micro-history of women students and their liberation at the University of Guelph.

Traveling Through Time and Colonization in Canada

Rebecca Weiss

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Students examine cause and consequence of events to reach a deeper understanding of our collective history.

Voices of Juno: Creating a Canadian Legacy

Desaree Rosskopf

London, Ontario

Voices of Juno investigates the creation and preservation of Canada's Normandy landings.

Work on the Canadian Homefront

Lisa Tubb

Guelph, Ontario

An Assessment of Work on the Canadian Homefront at Defense Industries Ltd. Ajax.

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